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Version 5.8 (SZ)

This version is based on the “Jordan” and “Zoppi” versions of the project.

Reconciliation of the SZ10101 fork of dtCyber into KEJ715 codebase is complete. The KEJ715 codebase should be considered the “official” release.

The following builds from the SZ10101 fork have been verified:

  • Windows (10 & 11, 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Linux (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • RaspbianOS[linux] (ARM-64 and ARM-64A)

Updated: 2022 Aug 2



Kevin Jordan's branch of the dtCyber codebase is one of the most complete and best-maintained after Tom Hunter's retirement from the project. Kevin has done a terrific job of enhancing the simulator and has added features like NIU support, CDC Tape Library functionality, and more.


Steve Zoppi's repository is a fork of the Jordan repository and all features are built upon Kevin's work.

Extensions include:

  • Enhanced Unit Record device functionality
    • All UR devices support automatic end of job file closure and naming
    • Card Readers may have directories which emulate “input” and “output” hoppers
    • Card Punches support directories as “output” hoppers
    • Line Printers fully implement command codes for positioning and output using ANSI and ASCII command codes
  • Enhanced Operator (dtcyber console) Interface
  • Added Operational Status displays


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